Tea & Coffee

Tea & Coffee
Organic Tea & coffee be a Tea & coffee grownup while not exploitation any artificial fertilizers or pesticides, on a land that was given comfortable time to detoxify itself, while not the help of any genetically changed organisms and eventually processed and packed while not the involvement of any chemical.Organic Tea & coffee is sweet for health within the sense because it doesn't contain any harmful residues of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, artificial flavors or colours, or preservatives. Therefore, these harmful substances cannot enter your body, not like the case of non-organic low whereby these harmful chemicals area unit gift. That doesn't mean that Organic tin be drunk in excessive quantities.
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Tulsi Brahmi Tea 25 TB

Tulsi has stress relieiving properties that make this a healthy drink for you. The soothing and calm..

र154.00 Ex Tax: र154.00

Tulsi Chai Masala 25 TB

Tulsi is great for your health when it comes to strength of body and mind. Chai masala in this tea a..

र154.00 Ex Tax: र154.00

Tulsi Cleanse Tea 18 TB

Tulsi Cleanse tea is a great cleansing agent with its unique properties. It contains herbs like Kris..

र125.00 Ex Tax: र125.00

Tulsi Earl Grey Tea 18 TB

This tea by Organic India contains Tulsi leaves and Earl grey that gives a rich and tasty flavour fo..

र154.00 Ex Tax: र154.00

Tulsi Ginger 100 GM Tin

This green tea by Organic India contains the excellent herb of Tulsi that has been used in Ayurveda ..

र180.00 Ex Tax: र180.00

Tulsi Ginger 25 TB

This herbal tea contains Tulsi and Ginger which are excellent herbs for your body and mind. It incre..

र128.00 Ex Tax: र128.00

Tulsi Green 25 TB

Tulsi has the medicinal properties that give your immune system an amazing boost. It has great heali..

र154.00 Ex Tax: र154.00

Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger 18 TB

This herbal tea contains different types of Tulsi leaves which give you an active body. Ginger and l..

र154.00 Ex Tax: र154.00