Organic care new born baby

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Organic care for newborn baby

  1. Organic baby soap: - organic baby soap is made from natural organic milk that has no side effect on the skin of newborn baby. Skin of newborn baby is sensitive and chemical can affect it. Please don’t use any petroleum-based product for newborn baby.
  2. Organic cosmetics: -Products like organic baby talcum powder are also available in the market. The talcum powder is made with organic milk, sandalwood and other herbal products are safe to use.

c)    Oil: - Virgin coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil are the best oils for massage. Massage newborn baby with these natural oils that have natural nutrients will make bones stronger and keep the skin healthy.

d)    Organic materials: -use clothes made from organic wool and cotton. Organic towels and blankets are also available for newborn babies. It will protect from skin infections and other allergies.

e)    Organic herbal medicine: -try to avoid allopathic medicine, go for herbal medicines that are natural and organic.

f)    Organic baby toys: -you can purchase organic toys from natural cotton and wool. Try to prevent your baby from taking toys in their mouth.

g)  Organic baby food: -Organic baby food is available in the market for newborn babies. Organic baby food is made from cereals grown organically. No chemicals and pesticides are used for the production of cereals like wheat, oat etc. Organic baby food doesn’t contain any preservative, flavors, colors, fortifiers and artificial vitamin supplements.

H) Organic baby clothes: - Organic clothes are also available in the market. Organic inner wear, sleeping clothes and warm clothes are also available.

I) Organic hygiene: - organic diapers, nappies, wipes, bibs and towels are also available to take care of new born babies.

K) Organic sanitary supplies: - Wipes and sanitary gloves are available for parents and babysitters that prevent newborn babies from direct contact.

L) Organic baby slings: -organic baby slings are available that are made from natural fiber. Natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk are used to made slings.

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