Organic Natural treatments for pimples

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Organic and Natural Treatment for Pimples

Dust, dead skin cells are the factors responsible behind pimples. Pimples are the red and white spot on the face that looks weird. Never go for a drug or chemical based product to cure pimples. Chemicals and drugs might affect our skin in many ways. There might be a risk of another skin disease.

There are various organic and natural ways available to cure pimples without any side effect. These products are made from natural herbs.

A)    Nature essence acne magic wash: -It’s a 100% herbal based product available to cure pimples. You will get rid of pimples and it also lightens the dark spots.

B)    Aroma magic anti-acne serum: - This is also a beneficial product in case of pimples and acne. The serum cleans the skin deeply and removes pimples and dark spots from the face.

C)    Patanjali aloe vera gel: - It’s a natural gel made from “Patanjali”. It is made from water and aloe vera extracts that nourish the skin and rejuvenates it. Take gel in your hand and apply it on the complete face and wash you face after 10 minutes. You will get the fresh skin.

D)    Organic therapie insta clear acne cream: - This cream also gives best results against pimples and acne. It will offer instant relief by lowering itchiness and irritation.

E)    Vegetal anti-acne and pimple cream: -This organic product is effective against pimples. It has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, emollient and soothing properties. Apply this cream daily twice.

F)    Vediline anti acne blend: -This aromatherapy based organic product is formed by combining various natural oils to treat pimples. It is suitable for all skin types. Apply it twice daily for fast results.

G)    Honey scrub: - Honey is the best product to fight against pimples. Take few drops of honey and apply it on the pimple. Leave it for few minutes and wash your face. You will get rid of pimples in 2-3 days. Remember to use organic honey for better results.

H)    Papaya: - You can use papaya to get rid of pimples. Mesh a small piece of papaya and apply it on the affected area. It will remove dead cells and dust from that area.

I)    Strawberry and honey pack: - Take some strawberry pieces and honey and mix them well in a mixture. Then, apply the paste on the pimple. It will remove dust from that area.

J)    Orange peel: - You can take help of orange peels to remove pimples. Orange peels are rich in vitamin C. It will repair the damage cells and remove dead cells.

K)    Desi Cow Ghee: - Desi cow ghee will provide coolness to that area and lowers inflammation.

L)    Aloe vera: - Fresh Aloevera gel helps in removing dead cells from the skin and deeply cleanses it. It is the best way to cure pimples.

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