Home made natural tratment cold & cough

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Homemade natural cold and flu treatment

People are serious about their health. They take great care of themselves and their family. Cold and went to hospitals flu in now days become a major and serious problem in the world. People are taking various kinds of drugs suggested by the doctor to cure a cold and flu. But, do you know that chemicals have side effects on our body. If we are treating a problem by taking a drug or chemical, then there is a risk of another disease and issue due to that drug on our body.

The reason behind cold and flu is the deficiency of vitamin C and low resistive power. There are many natural remedies available to cure a cold and flu. These remedies are side-effects free. See the list of natural treatment available to cure a cold and flu: -

A)    Green tea: -If you are suffering from cold and flu and need a permanent solution, then take a cup of green tea daily in the morning and in the evening. Green tea has the rich-antioxidant and anti-bacterial property that enhance our resistive power to fight against foreign bodies.

B)    Honey: -Honey contains fructose and glucose in rich quantity that provides instant energy to fight against cold and flu virus. Honey is the best energy booster organic product. Rich source of vitamins and antioxidants makes it a best organic product for cold and flu. You can take a full spoon honey with one glass of warm water to build resistance against cold and flu.

C)    Divya Patanjali sanjivani: -This is a powerful remedy for fever and cold. This is a Patanjali product that provides instant relief in cold and flu. It is made from Sonth (dry ginger), Harad, Giloy, Bilva, Baheda, Vach, Amla and Vaividang. You can take on or two pills daily with water and milk.

D)    Ginger: - Ginger is one of the oldest remedies that is used by Indian people to build a strong resistance against foreign bodies during winter and cold season. Ginger is easily available and you can consume ginger in many ways. You can add ginger to prepare gravy. You can use ginger with tea, it will enhance the taste of tea and also build a strong resistance inside the body to fight against cold and flu bacteria.

E)    Turmeric: - Turmeric has both anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Turmeric is used from ancient times to cure cold and flu. Take spoon turmeric powder and mix it in a glass of boiled milk, consume it. You will get rid of cold and flu in 2-3 days.

F)    Divya lavangadi vati: - Divya Lavandagi Vati is a beneficial organic medicine to cure a viral infection. It is used during cough, stuffy nose and sneezing, dry cough, bad taste in the mouth, fever, and pain in the nose and chest.

G)    Citric fruits: -Citric fruits will fulfill your daily vitamin C requirements. Most cold and flu occurred due to low vitamin C level. These fruits will enhance vitamin C that helps in fighting against it.

These are the best organic and herbal based remedies to fight against cold and cough.

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