What Is Appnik.in ?

Appnik.in is  a online store that is selling freshOrganic and Natural,Vegetable, Fruits, Grocery and cosmetic Items. The domain www.Appnik.in  is owned by M/S Dreamer Enterprises comprising of professionals ranging form IT / Logistics & Supply chain Management / Farming / Hospitality Sector,  with its head office in Gurgaon. The domain name www.appnik.in is fully powered by Dreamers Enterprises. Appnik.inis offer more than thousands products under four categories Organic Vegetables, Orgaic Fruits, Organic Grocery & Natural and Organic Cosmetics. The Appnik.in team is committed to provide the best quality product at the least price.

Why I Should Choose Appnik .in?

There are too many reason too chooses Appnik.in for your day to day shopping needs.Appnik.in  offer quality products with budget pricing. You may select the products that you want form our web portal. You don’t need to visit to any store or to make an order over phone to your nearest store. It is very inconvenient to make an order over phone you don’t check the products quality and quantity.  Our team at Appnik.in is fully trained to understand the needs of the customers, be humble, polite and cooperative and offer a conductive solution. We deliver the Veg products in refrigerated vehicles. You could get the fresh and natural organic products at our online store. All products are from the trusted manufacturers that are certified and customer voted.

How to Order On Appnik.in ?

It is very easy to Order any product on Appnik.in Just choose the product that you want to purchase according to quantity. After this click on check out  and review your purchase. During check out you have to register on our website. You may also Log- In with a Facebook Account. After Registration just select the delivery time , fill the delivery address choose a payment option. It is very convenient and simple , it does not take more than five minutes.

Is there Any Registration Charges?

No User registration on Appnik.in is free. There is no charges for registration with Appnik.in. We charge only for the purchase that you make on over website.  On new registrations we offer special discounts and coupons.

It Is Important To Register On the Website for Purchasing

Yes Registration is very important for any type of purchase. After registration your account is automatically set-up on the website  that you could use anytime. You may also register with your  Facebook account.

Is there Minimum Order Amount

Yes during the purchase you have to maintain the minimum order amount. The minimum order amount should be Rs 300. We don’t process any order that is below Rs 300 , unless it’s a  special case and followed up with a call on our customer care.

Is There Any Delivery Charge?

Appnik.in offers free delivery on the minimum order of Rs 1000. On the Order amount of 1000 or more than  Rs. 1000 , we don’t take any delivery charges. We charge Rs. 30  per order on the purchasing below Rs. 1000.

What Is Delivery Time ?

We offer same day delivery. We have two delivery slots one is in the morning 07:00 Am To 10:00 Am and Another is in the evening 6:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm.  The ordered products are delivered only in this delivery slots. This delivery slot is applied for Fresh Vegetables, Fruits  and Grocery Items . There should be minimum 6 hours difference in your purchase and delivery time. 

How I Can Pay?

We are supporting online payment options like Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card , Atm Card . If you have not any kind of online banking facility, you may select cash on delivery option. Cash on delivery allow you to pay during the products delivery.

Is There Cash On Delivery Option

Yes we are offering cash on delivery option too. If you have not online payment source just choose cash on delivery. After cash on delivery you may pay during the order delivery.

Can I Change Product after the Order has been placed on the website?

You may change the ordered items before two hours of the order. For e.g. If you have ordered at 10:00 AM for evening delivery at 6:00 Pm , you may change your order till 4:00 PM. We dispatch the products before two hours so after this not possible to change any product.

If I am Not Available To Receive The Order?

You have ordered on Appnik.in but you are not available. You can change your delivery time. Just mail us or call us we will change your delivery slot.  You may also change your delivery address.

Can I Change Delivery Address And Time ?

It is very easy to change the product delivery time and address. If by any reason you want to change your product delivery address and time , you may call us or maill us with your registered MobileNumber or Mail Id. Over support team will conform delivery time & address of the products  it and than it will be changed.

Can I Check Products Quality and Quantity at the time of Delivery?

When our delivery executive reaches  your door for product delivery, they will show you all products. We offer you 100% quality satisfaction. If you think any product is damaged or not well , our executive will replace it or give you another pack.  We pack the products after proper quality and quantity check but still for your satisfaction you may check the products prior taking delivery. 

What Is Cash Back Option?

When you registered on Appnik.in we offer a cash back option in your account. Where you may add money to you account for future purchase. After adding the amount to your account, you could use it for future purchase and you don’t need to make payment again and again. When you purchase anything and redirected to payment option than Use Cash Back Option will show you. When you select the cash back option the order amount will be deducted from your cash back.

Can I Withdraw The Cash Back Amount?

You may withdraw you cash back amount at any time. The amount will be refunded to your bank account within 24 hours to 72 hours.

How to Withdraw Cash Back?

To withdraw the cash back just log-in to your account on Appnik.in. Go to your account profile. In the cash back option you will get an option to  Withdraw Cash Back.  After you confirmation your cash back request is registered in our system.

How Much Time does IT take In Refunding The Amount In My Bank Account ?

The cash back amount refund is performed with a secured payment gateway. Usually cash back refund may take 24 Hours to 72 Hours. But if still you dont get the amount , just contact our support team.

Can I Return Any Product After Delivery?

Once the product has delivered we don’t offer return option. But if you got any product that is stale or damaged just contact us by mail or phone we will replace it, or the product amount will be reflected in you cash back account or bank account. 

Is Appnik.in Offering Discount?

Here at Appnik.in, we’d like to reward our loyal & value customers with discount & combo purchase offers on a weekly and monthly basis. We notify you by mail and message when new discounts are announced. You need to register with Appnik.in in order to enjoy the discount offers. The more purchase you make on Appnik.in, the more discount are offered.

What Is Promo Code?

Promo codes are different type of discount coupons that we offer time to time. When you get a promo code for discount coupon you have to input this code during check out , the coupon code amount will be deducted from your purchase amount.  

What Is Gift Packs?

Gift packs are very special collection of the products that you may gift to your relatives or friends or even to yourself. We have different type of gift packs like – Fruits Gift Pack, Dry Fruits Gift Pack , Chocolate Gift Pack etc.  We are also offering custom Gift Pack option, where you could choose any of the listed products as per your choice. The packaging will be as a gift pack and will be delivered to your delivery address.

What is Weekly Order?

In a weekly order we offer the especial product bundle that is required on regular basis. If you are planning for a weekend outing, and you have not enough time to purchase your weekly requirement, so just choose our weekly order. Weekly order includes the predefined products like – Spices, Sugar, Bathing-Soap, Toothpaste and Detergent etc.

What Is Monthly Subscription?

In monthly subscription plan we offer you a weekly order sheet, where you could choose the products as per your requirement. After the subscription, we deliver those products regularly. After a monthly subscription you don’t need to purchase every day. Appnik also offer exciting discounts for monthly subscriptions.

Can I Make Changes In My Monthly Subscription?

Yes you may make changes in your monthly subscription any time. For making any change in your monthly subscription just log-in to your account and change the menu accordingly. You may also call us or drop a mail  to our support team. If you have any type of doubt just contact us.

Is There Any Quality Test In Appnik.in?

Yes! Appnik.in has a very special type of quality that is taken by our experts. The first type of quality test is taken by the Farmers and Our vendors. The second test is taken during pre-packaging. And the 3rd test is taken during packaging. 

Is My Personal Data Secured On Appnik.in?

Your personal information is totally confidential with Appnik.in. We don’t share your any type of information. For the security of data we have multiple verification methods. No one could use your account information; therefore we provide three steps verification.

Is Online Transaction Safe With Appnik.in?

The online transaction is totally safe with Appnik.in Over system is developed with high level security system. During any kind of transaction the system don’t store you ID or Pass or Debit or Credits Card  Number. The payment gateway is approved as per the guideline of Reserve Bank of India.

Can I Cancel AnOrder?

Yes, you may cancel an order at any time.  For order cancellation just inform us by mail or phone with your order ID. Our customer support executive will confirm the order cancellation. Once you confirm the order cancellation the order will be cancelled.

Is There Any Charge for Order Cancellation?

No! We don’t charge anything for Order cancellation. What is the reason of order cancellation it does not matter-Just inform us we will stop the order. For order cancellation you may log in to your account, or you may contact to our support team. 

How I Will Get Back My Money After Order Cancellation?

If you have paid during an order, and later you cancel it and want you money back. It is very easy to get your money back. Just make a money back request from you registered account orver Phone or Mail. The amount will be refunded to you in Your bank account or Appnik.in cash back account. Be assured, it’s your money and you have full right to use it the way you want it.

How to Contact To Customer Support Team?

We offer 24 hours support for you with multiple support options. You may contact on our support no - +91-9717755870 or Mail Id- support@appnik.in .  We resolve your all complain or queries with in 24 Hours. If  youare facing any kind of problem, during registration or for placing an order just contact to our support team. Appnik.in support team will guide you about all you queries. 

If I Have A Complain?

In case of any complain you may contact to over support team no- +91-9717755870 or Mail at- support@appnik.in. But if still your issue is not resolved within 24 hours you may complain  on admin@appnik.in . Our executive will solve your problem online , if required we will visit at your door.

If I Got Any Out Dated Or Damaged Product?

We are committed for fresh product delivery. But by mistake or miss-happening you get any expired product or damaged product just contact us. Our executive will visit you immediately and they will replace the product with fresh product. To avoid this we suggest you to check the products very well during delivery.

What to Do If I Don’t Get the Product Delivery On Time?

Product delivery on time and quality is our motto, but still if in any worst case you don’t get the product on time just contact us. On product delay you may choose the product delivery in any other time slot. If you don’t require the product you may ask for amount refunding.