Terms Of Use

As per government IT Act 2000, this is a computer generated user terms of use agreement for website www.appnik.in, your acceptance of terms and conditions are considered as a user agreement that don’t need any digital or physical signature. In this Terms of Use agreement, the word “You” or “User” will mean any person who is using the website for online purchase and is a registered user by providing the registration data (E-Mail ID, Phone No, Address) on the website with a computer system or device. While the term “we” “our” “us” represent to Appnik.inowned by Dreamers Enterprises.

www.Appnik.in is an Internet based website owned by Dreamers Enterprises, an Indian company with its head Office at Plot No- A -34, New PalamVihar Phase -1, Gurgaon Haryana – 122017. The acceptance of the all Terms and Conditions given in these Terms  are very necessary to use the website.  The services offered on the website Appnik.in are chargeable as per pricing and service selection.


General Terms

  •      You are registered with us or not, Appnik will not notify you about any kind of changes In Terms of Use. You may find the updated version of Terms of Use at our website’s home page.  To get the details of Terms of Use you are advised to visit the website www.appnik.in regularly. It is your responsibility to check the regular update of the Term of Use. As a registered user your regular use of the website after an amendment in any Terms of Us, it will be considered as your legal acceptance of the user agreement. The terms of use may be modified without a prior notice.  
  •       By using the website any service of the website even that browsing on the website, you agree that you have read and understood agreement for Terms of Use available on the homepage of the website www.appnik.in.
  •       Appnik.in agree to deliver the product on available location on our website, you should check the location properly before making an order. We are not bound to deliver the product out of our delivery area.

Offering Services

·         The website is an online portal that offer online sale and purchase options for Vegetables, Fruits, Grocery Products and Food. Offering services may be on different models like coupons, gifts pack and vouchers.  The use of the services, or purchase of the products are based on the Terms of Use in this agreement.

Eligibility for the Users

  • ·       The use of the website services are not offered to the minors who are under 18 year (age), or any user that is blocked or suspended by Appnik.in system. If you are less than eighteen 18 year, than you are not allowed to use the website. Your use of the website confirms that you are 18 eighteen years old and allowed to access such information, as per Indian Government Rules.
  • If you are minor and still want to use the website, you may use the website under the guideline of your legal guardian. Appnik .in may terminate your account or membership if found that your age is less than 18 Years.
  • ·       Appnik.in may terminate your account at any time without any prior notice or information. On a terminated account you are not allowed to use the website services.
  • ·       You should not more than one account on the website. If we found that you are using more than one account we could terminate your account anytime.

User Account Registration

  • ·       The user registration will be based on your registered e-mail id like “Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail” etc. Provided information by you, during registration or shipping should be correct and verified. If we found any type of wrong information, it may cause of account suspended and termination. You have to notify about any changed information in your name, address, phone etc.
  • ·         It is your responsibility to take care of your user name and passwords.  You will be allowed to use the website after being a Registered User.  It is your responsibility to take care the privacy of you account. You will be fully responsible for any type of unauthorized activity on your account. If you found any suspension activity on your account, you have to immediately inform Appnik.in Appnik .in will not bear any kind of loss that is happen due to your account information leakage. You should properly log out your account after using the website, and transfer of the account or sharing account information is not allowed. The unregistered uses have limited access to use the website, for full services access you have to Registered on the website with correct information.


  •       Your use of website confirms that you are agreeing to get the notification related to your account, related over services, products, events or newsletters. The communication may be in form of E-Mail, SMS or Phone Call, you don’t want to get those information just unsubscribe from the received mail.
  •        Once you have provided your information on our website, we may use, sell, transfer or share such information to our associate, partner, new organization or third party for any reason. When you provide such information we and our affiliate may use that information to provide you various type of information related to your transactions, our services or offer or whatsoever.

Pricing, Payment and Purchasing

  • ·       You will get the all products and services pricing on our website in services or products detail option. When you make an order it confirm that you are agree with the current pricing, after ordering a product there will not be change in the pricing of the products. You should check it carefully.
  • ·       During the payment option you should use the correct information or your debit or credit card or net banking;it is strictly prohibited to use the card that is not lawfully owned by you. You should use your own credit /debit card. The transaction of payment details should not be share with any third party in any way. You will be fully responsible for the security and privacy of your debit card, credit card or net banking account. Appnik.in is not responsible for any unauthorized or illegal use of your debit card, credit card or net banking.
  • ·       Pricing on any product may reflect due to some technical issue or typographical error, in this case we could cancel your order; otherwise the actual charges will be applied.
  • ·       Payments should be In Indian currency rupees only, website don’t offer another currency payment option.
  • ·       During cash on delivery option, our executive many asked to show your ID proof or other document for the purpose of secure transaction environment.

·         While you are making payment with any available method on the website, we are not responsible for any type of loss or damage due to :-

A)     Blockage or Termination or Your payment source.

B)      Crossing the limit of the sessions or payment attempts defined by your Bank.

C)      Transaction failure due to any reason.

D)     Payment failure , payment is deducted from your account but not received by Appnik.in 


Use Of The Website

  • ·       The website use is granted after your Term of Use agreement. During use of any service on the website, even that browsing on website, you will have to follow the terms of use of the website.
  • ·      You will not reproduce any kind of web material; you are allowed to use the provided displayed interface of the website. You will not use any kind of script, software, malware,device, program or algorithm or other process, to access, copy or monitoring any part of the website. You will not reproduce, modify, copy or represent anydocument or website information, without prior written authorization of Appnik.in. The website material Logo, Icons , Graphics , code, software are copyrighted and illegal use of such material will be counted as intellectual property theft.
  • ·      You will not access any other Appnik.in account that is in your touch or you have account access.  You will not share any account information to third party. All purchase detail, account detail and transitions detail will be confidential.
  • ·       Appnik.in don’t offer wine or smoking products on our website.

Uploading and Posting

·         As a registered user with Appnik.in you may granted to upload some information on your account in form of text, photo or video. But the uploading information should be as per Terms of Use.  The uploaded contenttopic should be fully lawful. The following type of content should not uploaded on the website in any form- 


A)     Any kind of statement, article that harassing and violating the legal right of any other.

B)      Files uploading that contain any virus likeTrojan horses,time bombs, corrupt file , software, personal information or any program.

C)      You are not allowed to upload any type of Trademark or Copyright material that violent the legal low full policy.

D)     Any type of abusive statement, or pornography, video , image of another person

E)      To test, check and record the website data, user data or to collect uploaded products detail.

F)      Any type of script, service or operation that track website server, database or network connection.

G)     To use any type of software, device or program that interfere in website performance or access to any part of the website, or to access the other user’s on website.

H)     To copy any content or technology in form of reverse engineering, to sale or distribute any type of product , software or other information from the website. 

             I)  To collect website survey related to users, products, transitions and information.

             J) Collect the date of the user that is online on the website.

  K)      To use any type of hidden links, hyperlinks,Metatags, title tags, Meta descriptions or analytics. 

·         You agree that Appnik.in may include website services charges, discount and offers for the user or could discontinue the whole website or any part of website, at any time.

·         Appnik.in may add or remove products or services at any time, the same users account could be modify at any time, you may also be asked addition information or security verification time to time.

 Website Use

  •         You may use and access the website content and information for personal information as per Terms of Use.
  •         You can not distribute or sale any type of downloaded material like text, catalogues or software without a written confirmation from Appnik.in.
  •         You may not remove any type of Copyright or Trademark from the website products, broachers or catalogues.
  •         The whole website content is protected with intellectual rights, you may not modify, remove or transfer any text, code, design, script, software or image. The all material is a property of Appnik.in. The website material may be use after a legal authorization of Appnik.in.
  •         The use of the website services or products will be for personal use, you may not resale, distribute or transfer the services or products that your purchase, this is only for personal use. You may not use the website for sale or profit purpose without written authorization of Appnik.in.
  •         Dreamers Enterprise own the all patient ,copyright, intellectual rights , trademarks related to designs, code, good will, source code, Meta tags, tittle tags , text, content , graphics, icons and hyperlinks. Don’t use any type of icon, source code or design without permission of Appnik.in You acknowledge and agree that you will not use,republic,sale or copy any part or material of the website.
  •         Appnik.in also provide you third party information like, products detail, news, entertainment, technology, discount and features. This all information will be provided over the mail of phone, the all information is for general information purpose. Appnik.in don’t guarantee for related to any third party content, Appnik.in will not bear any type of loss based on use of such kind of data.
  •         Appnik.in is not responsible, or bear any loss due to any order delivery delay, or the product unavailability that you have order but it is out of stoke.

Account Termination

  •         Appnik.in may terminate your account or part of the account at any time, if found you are not following Terms of Use, or your activities are unlawful. Appnik.in may change, transfer or remove any file from your account; we could change or remove your User ID, Passwords, or Material In your account. Appnik.in may discontinue website services or any part of the website without any prior notice. 
  •         The Terms of Use may be change, any part of the agreement. Your regular access on website confirms your agreement of the Terms of Use. If you don’t agree any terms you should not use the website, you may close you user account and related services.
  •         Website offers and services may be added or removed at any time, the running offer on the website may be closed or could extended the duration, Appnik.in is not liable for any kind of lose due to any change in any offer or website content.
  •         If you choose to terminate your account or Appnik.in terminate for any reason, we will remove all data from your account, and we are not responsible for any loss or damage to the users or any third party.


  •          The all agreement of Use of Terms and all services and transactions will be as per Indian Government laws and rules.
  •         You agree that all disputes arising related to use of website, offer, claim, transaction, delivery , information any  part Terms Of  Use between Appnik.in and you will be subject to the exclusive court of Delhi India, you agree to accept the Judgment.

Privacy Policy

You many find the privacy policy on the website page www.appnik.in/privacyYou agree that you have read and understood Appnik.in privacy policy very carefully. Your acceptance for Use of Terms confirms that you accept the Privacy Policy.

Feed Back, Review and Offer

  •         Appnik.in appreciate your feedback for our services, the feedback is none restricted. But your feedback should not contain any abusive language or such kind of matter that include third party proprietary information.
  •         You may provide your review for Appnik.in, but you should not include any kind of abusive language in your review or any other type of content that abuse to Appnik.in brand name.
  •         Appnik.in regularly notify you about latest offers. You may get the offer information on our website; the offer could be terminated or extended any time. You should read and understood offer related information very carefully.
  •         The offer also could be in form of coupon code or cash back, reward points are allowed only for purchasing on the website.
  •         You could not transfer your reward point to another user, you could not ask for direct cash or money instead of discount in shopping. Offer, rewards point is allowed only for purchasing on Appnik.
  •         Appnik may block your account for any kind of offer or cash back option in case of any fraud or violence.