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About Us

About Us

This store is started keeping in mind the lack of availability in the market of Natural / Organic Kitchen / Health products / Grocery and to promote the Swadeshi / indigenous products.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to be recognized Nationally as the foremost choice of customers for Online Shopping & delivery of Natural / Organic / Healthy / Swadeshi products for their day-to-day needs, as well as the promoter of the indigenous products.

We wish:

·         To provide choice to the people who wish to buy Natural / Organic / Healthy / Chemical free / Swadeshi products.

·         To cater to the people who care for the  family members, society & environment

·         To promote indigenous products through traditional farming / dairy methods.

·         To assist in preserving the natural environment by promoting use of Natural fertilizers etc for farming and bio-degradable / recycled products for packaging etc.

·         To connect the small scale organic farmers so as to provide Organic food / daily use products at your door-step, at a reasonable price.

·         To eliminate the use of Mandi / Long term Cold storage thereby eliminating the brokerage and black marketing and hoarding of farming / dairy products.


Our values

·         We guarantee that the products sold are as per the specification provided on the website.

·         Customer trust and satisfaction is everything for us

·         We encourage farm to consumer, direct sales.

·         Maximum benefit is passed on to the farmers. 

Company Information:

 The domain www.Appnik.in  is owned by M/S Dreamer Enterprises (551, Tower B3, Spaze IT Park , Sohana Road, Sec-49, Gurgaon Haryana, 122017) comprising of professionals ranging form IT / Logistics & Supply chain Management / Farming / Hospitality Sector,  with its head office in Gurgaon. The domain name www.appnik.in is fully powered by Dreamers Enterprises. Appnik.in is offer more than thousands products under four categories Organic Vegetables, Orgaic Fruits, Organic Grocery & Natural and Organic Cosmetics.  The Appnik.in team is committed to provide the best quality product at the least price.


Purchase Method:

Farmers / Vendors engaged in Organic / Natural products farming / production are identified. Our experts then visit their sites / farms, at a number of times during a season. Their processes are vetted to be organic and not using any chemicals / artificial means. Random samples are sent for analysis for their composition. Once, the organic methods are confirmed then only their produce is listed on our store for sale. 


Storage & sales Method:

The products through different farmers are listed on website with the available dates. The orders are pre-placed through the website / social media. The Air Conditioned Vehicles are then sent to the site for collection and brought to our distribution center. In the distribution center, the products are washed / cleaned and packed as per the orders and sent out for delivery